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For mosquito control Lane Cove services, our company provides excellent inspection and removal treatments. We at Pest Control Lane Cove provide you with our top-class mosquito control services that are available for same-day and emergencies.

Mosquitoes are small insects whose bites can cause a lot of severe diseases. And these are the most common types of insects to find around Lane Cove. Thus for mosquito spraying services, you can call us at 02 3813 8690. Our licensed exterminators will also provide you with some preventive tips to avoid mosquito infestation in the future.

For Residential And Commercial Mosquito Control In Lane Cove, Contact Us

A mosquito infestation is very common in both residential and commercial areas. Thus our take for both areas is given below:

Commercial Mosquito Control

The cleaning staff at your office is not capable enough to deal with a mosquito infestation on their own. Thus you will need a professional mosquito control Lane Cove team. For commercial areas like restaurants, office buildings, movie theatres, etc. we always use a customised method for mosquito control. Because all these places vary in the matter of their structure, locations and operating hours. The various commercial areas that we treat are:

  • Office buildings
  • Restaurants
  • Pharmacies
  • Shopping Centres
  • Gym
  • Retail Shops
  • Cafes

Thus, get in touch with us and book our Lane Cove mosquito control services.

Residential Mosquito Control

Residential areas are more or less the same, in terms of the living style of people of the society is same, they sare a common society garden. Thus when we get any booking for mosquito control in residential areas our treatment is also the same. This includes eco-friendly and pet-safe methods which are safe for your family and pets. The various residential areas where we provide our mosquito control in Lane Cove are:

  • Residential societies
  • Societal parks
  • Societal gyms
  • Houses
  • Farmhouses
  • Appartments

Thus, for reliable mosquito control service Lane Cove team contact us.

Mosquito Bites And Related Problems

Mosquitoes tend to infest your place whenever they get a chance to breed. But their infestation comes with a lot of suffering to the house owner. Mosquito bites are so painful and can cause you some severe illness which in some cases can eventually cause even death. The various diseases that mosquitoes are capable of causing are:

  • Barmah Forest Virus

Symptoms of this disease that are caused by mosquitoes are joint pain, inflammation, fatigue and rashes. The symptoms of this last for 7-10 days.

  • Murray Valley Encephalitis

This virus targets the brain tissue and immune system. This disease is a type of acute brain inflammation. A non-treated patient can witness brain damage or even death.

  • Malaria

It is a dangerous disease that is caused by a high-spread mosquito species that feed on humans. This causes high fever, shivering chills and flu-like symptoms.

  • Dengue Fever

It is a common mosquito-borne disease. High fever and flu-like symptoms are common types of symptoms. But in severe cases, it can lead to bleeding, or shock and can cause death as well.

  • Yellow Fever

The “yellow” in this refers to the jaundiced type of appearance in the person suffering from this disease. The most common symptoms are muscle soreness, fever, prominent backache, headache, loss of appetite, nausea, and vomiting.

Our Reliable Mosquito Control Method

Our most reliable mosquito control method includes the following steps:

  • Pre-Inspection

After the confirmation of your appointment, our team will reach your doorsteps at a decided time and day. This is to identify the proper signs of infestation on your property. Our mosquito control Lane Cove team will start with a thorough inspection of every corner of your place.

  • Mosquito control

Based on the findings in the previous step, our team will conduct an appropriate mosquito control treatment. Also, this step may include the chemical or non-chemical method for mosquito extermination depending upon the condition of your house.

  • Post-Inspection

Dead mosquitoes can attract other insects thus during post-inspection we make sure that there are no mosquitoes left. Also, our mosquito control Lane Cove team will guide you about the various preventive measures to keep in mind to avoid an infestation in future.

Hire Us For Mosquito Controls In All The Prime Lane Cove Locations

Whether it is the same-day or an emergency boking our mosquito control Lane Cove team is available in all the prime locations. Our team of locals are easily available in times of emergency. Therefore book our emergency mosquito control service by getting in touch with us. Also, our team is 24/7 available on our toll-free number to help you with getting our quotes and booking process.


Can I stay on my property during the treatment?

We will suggest you stay out until the whole process is done. Then after about 2 hours, you can continue with your daily activities. For clear instructions, feel free to call us. 

Are you available on weekends?

Yes, we are available on weekends ad public holidays as well.

What can attract mosquitoes in my house?

Mosquitoes get attracted to stagnant water, open food, and not properly disposed waste.

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