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If you are tired of the nuisance that possums usually cause, then it is high time that you need to get in touch with the best possum catcher in Lane Cove. We for Possum Removal Lane Cove offer our clients the best facility to catch and remove possums from the residential and commercial premises. 

We offer affordable, reliable, and eco-friendly humane possum removal services to our clients. We hire professional experts to safely remove possums from your premises and make the location safe again. So if you want to nip the bud of the continuous movement of possums, then we are here to offer our clients the best kind of assistance. 

Who are possums, and how should one identify them?

They are a kind of marsupial species that are native to Australia. They are scavengers who feed on dead and decaying parts of plants and animals. They are usually found around mushy lands. But since they are similar to rats, they can’t be identified; the prominent features in possums have been given as follows:

  • Type of the body 

Possums are known for having Cat-sized bodies with grey fur and a white face.

  • Type of snout 

They are known for having a Long pointy snout.

  • Type of eyes 

The face of possums is usually covered with Round dark eyes and hairless ears.

  • Number of paws 

These creatures are known for having Four paws.

How do we remove possums from your property?

Possums entering your commercial and residential premises can be a real nuisance and health threat to your family. Getting rid of them early is essential, even if they are non-aggressive. They can, at times, bite and scratch people, thereby causing infections. At the same time, they cause holes in the rooftop, thereby causing leakage. They spread diseases like rabies. 

That is why it is essential to get rid of them with the help of experts and hence possum pest control is essential. We for Possum Removal Lane Cove are here to provide possum removal and catching services by taking into accord the following:

  • By setting up a new cage and a fruit cage

Possums love to feed on stale fruits. That is why the installation of a cage in order with fruits is an effective method to trap them. This is the best possum catcher.

  • By leaving after capture

As per the laws of Australia, it is illegal to hunt possums. That is why they have to be left open in dumping land once they have been captured. 

  • We cannot leave them more than 50 meters away

The maximum limit within the vicinity of which these possums can be left is 50 meters. Any release of possums beyond that is likely to attract penalties and problems. 

  • Increasing the number of visits

The number of possum catchers’ services should increase for the best results. All of this would be monitored at a less possum removal cost.

How would a customer know if a possum has been trapped in the cage?

Possums usually have a nest on the premises. We try to inspect the nests and place the baits accordingly. Since the possums move rapidly at night, they can easily be trapped in the cage. They produce a rattling sound once caught. This will indicate that they have been caught. 

What is the need for Possum Removal?

There is an urgent need for possum removal due a variety of reasons. We understand these reasons and accordingly try to address each one of them.

  • They wreak havoc in the garden

Possums can affect the beauty of the garden. They can uproot the flowers and the grass, loosening the soil and causing erosion. 

  • A threat to your pet

These possums can bite the pets and even transmit infections due to pathogens and viruses that may prove fatal. 

  • Diseases!!

These possums can spread many infections and diseases within the household.

  • They can make your house a mess

They make holes in the seepage pipes, resulting in water spillage. They take home a complete mess.

  • The dead possums

Dead possums are dangerous because they cause infections and diseases. Dead possum removal is essential in every way. 

How can we assist our clients in getting rid of possums in Lane Cove?

We for Possum Removal Lane Cove are here to deliver our expertise to our clients in catching possums. We provide the following kinds of services in the first place to make this happen. The list of the services that we provide are:

  • Residential possum removal

We for Possum Removal Lane Cove undertake exercises to remove possums within the residential premises of our clients, like bungalows, flats, and penthouses. This is the best possum removal service. 

  • Commercial possum removal

We for Possum Removal Lane Cove also undertake possum removal services in commercial buildings and offices to promise a safer and more hygienic work environment. 

  • General possum removal

We try to increase the ambit of our services by providing general possum pest control services to our clients. This can be done with the help of professional possum removal.

  • Emergency possum removal service

If you are facing any emergency due to the sudden arrival of possums, there is nothing to worry about. You can book an appointment, and we for Possum Removal Lane Cove will be there to deliver the best services on the same day.

Removal of dead possums from the property: Need of the hour

At times, the secretive and nocturnal agents gather around different locations that are hard to inspect and access. Sometimes they die in transit. The dead body of possums is very dangerous because it produces a foul smell and spreads pathogens and other infections to the surrounding area. That is why we for Possum Removal Lane Cove employ professional experts to remove the dead bodies of the possums in the first instance. 

Reasons to hire us for possum removal in Lane Cove

We for Possum Removal Lane Cove provide every reason to our customers to hire us. Some of them have been given as follows:

  • Eco- friendly

We deliver eco-friendly services to our clients. We use cages for possum removal and eradication. We don’t harm possums and the environment in any way. We comply with the rules of the government.

  • Affordable

We provide affordable services to our clients. Our services are cost-effective. Our entire range of services has been customized to fit within the budget of every customer.

  • Certified Professional

We for Possum Removal Lane Cove employ the best experts and professionals to eliminate possums. The professional experts safely eradicate the possums by inspecting their underground movement within the premises.

  • Best

We are the best because we offer the best services, which are timely, durable, cost-effective, and safe. We safely allow your residential and commercial buildings to get rid of possums without causing any inconvenience to our clients.

  • Same Day Possum Removal Service

We are here to offer same-day services to our clients. Our clients can get in touch with us even at the last moment, and we would be there for their assistance. Our team will get in touch with them and cater to their needs even on the same day of booking.


Are possum removal services safe?

Yes, they are safe. You can save yourself from any level of possum infestation with the help of professionals. 

Are possum removal services long-lasting?

Yes, we can plan to fence your property and that will be a long-lasting thing to stop possums from entering your property.

Do we provide possum removal services on weekends?

Yes, we are available 24 by 7 for our clients. 

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