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Are you noticing irregular holes in your expensive clothes? Do you want to know the reason behind the holes? That means your house is suffering from moth infestation. Well, worry less because we are professionals at controlling moths. Our Moth Control Lane Cove team has excellent experts for the service. Moreover, we offer a reasonable moth control service in Lane Cove. Even we offer high-quality services to our clients. Therefore, if you are looking for the best cabbage moth control service, contact us. We will make sure to offer quick and reliable service to our customers.

Pest Control Lane Cove have a skilled local expert team for moth control service. For controlling moths, we first provide a detailed inspection. And based on it, we develop an effective treatment. With certified experts, we eliminate moths from your house. Therefore, to get served by an excellent Moth Control Lane Cove team, call us. Dial us at 02 3813 8690

What Are The Common Signs Of Cloth Moth Infestation At Your Place? 

Moths are never directly harmful to human beings. However, moths spread widespread damage to your personal belongings. Therefore it is very essential to know the early signs of cloth moth infestation. Thus, some common signs of cloth moth infestation are: 

  • Regularly check holes in your clothes and the carpets. Cloth moths are larvae to the clothes as moths feed on fibres. 
  • Moreover, you can even check the dark side or corner of your house for moths. Webbing is a common sign of cloth moth infestation. 
  • You can also notice cloth moths on lights during the night. 

So, if you notice any of the above things at your house, resort experts. Moreover, you can call us for effective moth caterpillar control. 

Is The Moth Infestation Dangerous? 

Moths are not as dangerous as other pests. However, moths can harm your things. Even droppings of the moths can be very dangerous for your food. Simply moth droppings contaminate the food and cause serious diseases. In addition, moths spread allergic reactions when they attack clothes. However, some moth species may create noisy disturbances at night. Therefore, if your property is suffering from moths infestation, call us. Immediately hire moth control in-house for a better result. You can call us for the carpet moth extermination too.

Three Steps We Follow For Controlling The Moth Infestation

As the best and excellent team, we provide reliable pantry moth extermination services. Thus our Moth Control Lane Cove team follows a three-step process for controlling moths. Even we make sure to provide safe pest control carpet moths service to you. Here are some steps we follow while offering moth treatment. 

  • Moth Inspection: Once you call our Moth Control Lane Cove team, we immediately visit your house. Then, we provide a reliable moth inspection service to your property. During inspection, we identify the level of moth infestation. Moreover, we also check the species of moths in your house. 
  • Treatment: As mentioned, based on inspection we customize the chemical treatment. For eliminating the moths we use a spray method. We apply insecticide at the corner of your house. Moreover, we use safe chemicals during the moth control service. 
  • Prevention Tips: Our Moth Control Lane Cove team even discusses some prevention tips after service. In this, we will advise you on how you can limit the moth infestation. Thus some prevention tips we include are: 
  • Clean your house spaces regularly 
  • Dispose of the open food items products 
  • Wash your dirty clothes at regular interval 
  • Keep a check on the curtains and carpets 
  • Remove the garbage from your property

Why Our Specialist For The Moth Removal Service In Lane Cove? 

Our Moth Control Lane Cove team offers standard service at your property. Even by hiring us, you will find our service more easy and convenient. Following are some reasons for hiring us:

  • Certified Solutions: We use industry-approved chemical solutions for controlling moths. Therefore for certified solutions for eliminating moths, call us.
  • Qualified Experts: We have certified and skilled experts for controlling moths. Moreover, we send qualified experts to offer the best moth removal service.
  • Appointments Available: We are even available at short notice appointments. In addition, we are also available on weekends and public holidays for moths control.
  • Pocket-Friendly Pricing: Our moth pest control cost is budget-friendly. Even our emergency moth extermination cost is also very reasonable. So, for affordable service, call us.
  • Follow-up service: Our experts also provide follow-up service after a month of treatment (if needed). Therefore, for follow-up moth control service hire us.
  • Local Team: We have local experts for the moth control service in Lane Cove. Even we know every shortcut to reach our destination as soon as we can.


Q.1 Why are moths always attracted to my bedroom? 

Moths love to feed on soft fabric like bedsheets and curtains. Moreover, moths are also attracted to animal wool. So, if your bedroom has animal wool or soft fabric, then the moth infestation is obvious. Even if your bedroom has unwashed clothes, the moth will also be attracted to them. Thus worry not about controlling moths, just hire us. 

Q.2 How long will it take to eliminate the cloth moths? 

For eliminating the cloth moths it will take four to six months. As the saliva of moths survives for a long time on your property. Therefore it is very hard or challenging to control the cloth moths. That’s why you must call experts for controlling the moths effectively. You can even call us for the professional moth control service in Lane Cove. 

Q.3 I saw a moth infestation sign of infestation at my commercial property. Are you available for the moth control service at commercial properties in Lane Cove? 

Yes, we are available for both residential and commercial properties for controlling moth issues. Therefore for the versatile moth treatment in Lane Cove, call us freely. 

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